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Welcome to the online home of me, some guy given the name John Cleveland Payne. In the grand scheme of life, I am just another guy with another blog. But to myself, and hopefully to all of you who actually read this, I am something a little more special. From a young age, I fell in love of the idea of ‘the message’ and medium in which you try to transmit.

Basically, everyone has a message to give to the world. Some are basic, some complex, some have the power to up lift and some are just out there to bring as many people down as possible. But everyone has a message, and most people have problems identifying their message. And the ones who get that far can seem to figure out how to get the world to listen.

Well, I have a message, and this is where I will get a chance to share it. Hopefully, you’ll get plenty of things to keep you motivated or inspired, provide knowledge and comfort, and just have a little fun. Apologies for the state of flux and state of seemingly confusing messages that you’ll get here for a while, as I am doing a lot of personal soul searching, and scrubbing of old ideas to take the best of the past to build a new beginning.

In 2007, I changed the name of blog from “The Mis-Adventures Of The Jazzy Cool One” to “Life In Fast Forward.” I began to tear down old blogs and newsletters and try to find places for them here. My goal is to take the focus off of me the person, and show the world the life I live and share with every human on the planet. I aspire to life at a very high standard, and instead of dealing with people who rather slow us down, I want to find ways to help people pick up there own pace. As you get to see an insight to the further adventures I hope to lead, hopefully you’ll enjoy the ride, and want to come along.

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Other things
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The Power Of Physical Photographs
Sunday, August 10, 2008
As I spent a few hours this afternoon procrastinating cleaning out my office, I got to go through three entire shoe boxes worth of pictures which I had stashed in the closet. In the quest to declutter my world and life, I had every intention to get rid of as many of them as possible.

While I was able to whittle down my collection to just one over stuffed shoebox, the enjoyment I got from going through the years of memories was immense.

Even thought I only take digital picture these days, and rarely print my pictures, I get much more enjoyment from showing off a photo one at a time in my hand as opposed to the only way I do it now a days, on a slide show in my Palm TX.

Technology has made digital photography the norm. Once you get over the expense of the camera, you’re all set for limitless use of it. Unlike with my old expensive 35mm SLR, I don’t have to buy film, decide whether to pay money for processing or time for my own development (what am I saying? I’ve never processed my own film…), and hope for the best. I can take as many pictures on my expensive digital SLR, with the only limit being the space available on my memory card, erase the bad ones in the camera, and publish the photos instantly with just a few clicks of a mouse to an infinite amount of people and platforms.

And while I am a pack rack in the physical world (three boxes of old photos) and on my computer (I’ve been living on 4% disk space for 8 months), it’s not to same when I stumble on a folder of long forgotten digital pics on my laptop. It’s the same distraction I get from the box of photos in the closet, just not the same experience.

Blame the pictures partially. Chances are, unless your kids are under 10, you’re not going to find many silly playtime pictures on your computer. And you’re not going to find any of your old summer camp pictures, or your parents wedding pictures or pictures of your granddad playing catch with your dad, or anything similar on some old thumb drive in the back of your desk drawer. Unless you’ve made a very deliberate effort to get all those pictures scanned for sharing or safe keeping. Which is another task or procrastination consolidation that I am taking on.

So it’s taken me close to a decade to throw away some of the pictures today. I zapped digital pictures I don’t like without much of a thought. That also comes from the physical nature of the photo, mostly, “This is an awful shot, but I paid cash money…”

If you still keep those old photos in shoe boxes, cherish them as the treasures that they are. But now may be the time to bring them closer to your life, getting them digitized, and shared with a new generation that isn’t as fond for a stack of Polaroids as you were as a kid.

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