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Welcome to the online home of me, some guy given the name John Cleveland Payne. In the grand scheme of life, I am just another guy with another blog. But to myself, and hopefully to all of you who actually read this, I am something a little more special. From a young age, I fell in love of the idea of ‘the message’ and medium in which you try to transmit.

Basically, everyone has a message to give to the world. Some are basic, some complex, some have the power to up lift and some are just out there to bring as many people down as possible. But everyone has a message, and most people have problems identifying their message. And the ones who get that far can seem to figure out how to get the world to listen.

Well, I have a message, and this is where I will get a chance to share it. Hopefully, you’ll get plenty of things to keep you motivated or inspired, provide knowledge and comfort, and just have a little fun. Apologies for the state of flux and state of seemingly confusing messages that you’ll get here for a while, as I am doing a lot of personal soul searching, and scrubbing of old ideas to take the best of the past to build a new beginning.

In 2007, I changed the name of blog from “The Mis-Adventures Of The Jazzy Cool One” to “Life In Fast Forward.” I began to tear down old blogs and newsletters and try to find places for them here. My goal is to take the focus off of me the person, and show the world the life I live and share with every human on the planet. I aspire to life at a very high standard, and instead of dealing with people who rather slow us down, I want to find ways to help people pick up there own pace. As you get to see an insight to the further adventures I hope to lead, hopefully you’ll enjoy the ride, and want to come along.

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Other things
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Wednesday, January 04, 2006
The families of those 13 men trapped in a West Virginia coal mine were given their miracle, when they were giving news that they found the miners and that 12 of the 13 men were indeed alive. Newspapers went to bed with the good news as their headlines, and the nation stayed tuned to their televisions, hoping to catch the scene of the miners entering the church where most of the families were waiting for them, which was hinted as happening at any moment.

Three hours later, the world was shocked to hear that 12 miners where dead, and the lone survivor was unconscious and in critical condition. The president of mine owner International Coal Group Inc., Ben Hatfield, blamed the earlier report on "miscommunication" and said that the company was waiting on confirmation of survivor before telling the families.

I have a problem with this, but not with the rescue teams or the mining company. While no one knows this to be true, I'm sure it can't be counted out that well meaning locals and friends helping with the rescue may have spread the supposed good news to early and to positively. While the mining company should have squashed this early in the reporting, its hard to fix something like this once it gets started.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families of the miners.

- Joy Turns To grief: Just One Survivor At Virginia Mine (Reuters)
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  • At 2:53 PM, Blogger AR1836 said…

    ICG seems to be one of those predatorial employers the GOP love so much. One family interviewed by Jon Donvan of Nightline complained about the behavior of the company thru the ordeal when they believed their father had survived. I imagine their grief has turned to fury at this point at the company, particularly with the company history of serious violations(200+). Parts of the mine were shut down after the 12-14 inspection because of buildup of potentially explosive gases. Does ICG have any interests in the deadly Chinese mining industry?

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