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Welcome to the online home of me, some guy given the name John Cleveland Payne. In the grand scheme of life, I am just another guy with another blog. But to myself, and hopefully to all of you who actually read this, I am something a little more special. From a young age, I fell in love of the idea of ‘the message’ and medium in which you try to transmit.

Basically, everyone has a message to give to the world. Some are basic, some complex, some have the power to up lift and some are just out there to bring as many people down as possible. But everyone has a message, and most people have problems identifying their message. And the ones who get that far can seem to figure out how to get the world to listen.

Well, I have a message, and this is where I will get a chance to share it. Hopefully, you’ll get plenty of things to keep you motivated or inspired, provide knowledge and comfort, and just have a little fun. Apologies for the state of flux and state of seemingly confusing messages that you’ll get here for a while, as I am doing a lot of personal soul searching, and scrubbing of old ideas to take the best of the past to build a new beginning.

In 2007, I changed the name of blog from “The Mis-Adventures Of The Jazzy Cool One” to “Life In Fast Forward.” I began to tear down old blogs and newsletters and try to find places for them here. My goal is to take the focus off of me the person, and show the world the life I live and share with every human on the planet. I aspire to life at a very high standard, and instead of dealing with people who rather slow us down, I want to find ways to help people pick up there own pace. As you get to see an insight to the further adventures I hope to lead, hopefully you’ll enjoy the ride, and want to come along.

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Other things
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Eight Things To Talk About For 4/14/08
Monday, April 14, 2008
Eight Things To Talk About Today (in no particular order)

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1: 'Bitter' remarks cloud faith, values forum

Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama faced off on Sunday night in a televised forum on faith and values, but most of the conversation turned to Obama's comments calling small-town voters "bitter," and Clinton's immediate attack calling Obama "elitist."

2: Katie Couric, Larry King, CBS And CNN Do a Dance Of Deceit

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Katie Couric wants out of her contract at CBS after the elections to get a chance to replace Larry King on CNN. Further rumors hint of a basic swap between the two networks, with CBS replacing Couric with CNN top star Anderson Cooper.

3: Buster busted: The 'oldest London Marathon runner' isn't 101... he's ONLY 94

We were all impressed when we heard the news of "Buster" Martin, his 10 hour London marathon performance, his four smoke & beer breaks, and his claim to be the oldest man to complete a marathon at 101. Turns out Buster told a bit of a fib, and is only 94. We're all crushed.

4: Malt-O-Meal Cereal Linked to Salmonella Strain, Reports of Sicknesses Hit 14 States

From the press release, Malt-O-Meal voluntarily recalled their unsweetened Puffed Rice and Puffed Wheat cereals after being linked to at least 23 reported cases of salmonella poisoning. The nearly two dozen cases have been spread across 14 states with Maine, New Jersey and New York reporting the most with three each.

5: What People Earn: How Does Your Salary Stack Up?

In the annual rack'em and stack'em list from Parade Magazine, the highest-paid person on the list is 52-year-old hedge fund manager John Paulson, who earned an incredible $3.5 billion last year. The lowest-salaried person in the survey is 26-year-old Peace Corp volunteer Edward Perry, who made $2,900. Somewhere in between 110 other "regular" people and 18 celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey at $260 million, Miley Cyrus at $18.2 million, Eli Manning at $11.5 million, and Scarlett Johansson at $5 million.

6: Kidnapped UK journalist freed in Iraq's Basra

Richard Butler, a British photographer on assignment for the U.S. network CBS has been rescued today after being held by kidnappers for two months in the southern Iraqi city of Basra. Iraqi forces rescued him during a sweep of the city in a crackdown of militants, and report Butler is in good health.

7: Uncertain Church Awaits Pope in U.S.

Pope mania is coming back to the on Tuesday, he's expected to find an American church in which many Catholics are eager not only for his spiritual guidance, but also for his acknowledgment that their church is going through a time of pain and uncertainty.

8: Charges ahead for planted Sox shirt?

It was no April Fool's joke. A construction worker actually did drop a David Ortiz jersey in the new concrete at Yankee's Stadium. And that construction worker, Gino Castignoli, has been told to watch his back, with possible criminal and civil charges on the way.



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